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Typical Project Size and Duration

typical project size

Jtec takes pride in our ability to adapt to our customer’s needs regardless of the projects size, timing, complexity or duration.  Jtec typically manages multiple projects for our clients concurrently. To service the needs of smaller projects, while maintaining the flexibility to draw upon the resources of our Senior Project Managers, Jtec has a small projects team prepared to manage tenant improvements and renovations that range in value from $1,000 to $1 Million. Small project durations are typically fast-paced lasting from one to six months.  For the larger complex projects, Jtec’s Senior Project Managers and Principals provide comprehensive project and construction management services. These projects typically range in size from $1 Million up to $800 Million. Pre-construction services include projects ranging from $20 Million to $800 Million. The duration associated with these projects can range from two to five years.